The popularity of mixed martial arts over the years had been rising since it’s introduction to the world of combat sports.

When Mixed Martial Arts was first introduced, it was advertised as a no holds barred no rules combat competition by its marketers. Fans of extreme sports went gaga over the promise of an all-out no holds barred combat and eagerly waited for the first competition. The early matches were not disappointing in terms of the no holds barred promise.

However, as the sports progressed the no holds barred no rules part is slowly being shed. Now, slowly but surely every finished competition results to new rules crafted, to temper the severity of freakish accidents happening during matches.

As rules were rolled out one by one. The sport lost the threat of lethal submissions, but as a combat sport where opponents take blows against each other and other, there had been incidences when competitions were quickly concluded, via knockouts.

Mixed martial arts enthusiasts dissect each of this quick matches, and find these matches really fast, although not as fast as the ones in movies but fast enough to command attention.

Here are some of the Fastest Knockouts that claimed their special place in the annals of MMA history.

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