As one of the best MMA fighters that ever transitioned to MMA from other disciplines, Masakazu Imanari is also one of the best leglock masters that ever fought at the MMA arena. He contributed several spectacular submissions to MMA’s history validating his reputation as a cold-blooded competitor.

Imanari’s reputation always precedes him but most of the time his opponents downplay the fuss. A few of them had the surprise of their lives when Imanari  proves that he is the most dangerous man in the world of mixed martial arts. Some fans may argue this but he’s always proven that although he might not be able to become the pound-for-pound champion he is the champion in his own right. He is the best at what he is an expert of does. Exerting submission through the leg lock technique.

Imanari’s leg locks are said to have the potential to finish careers, and whoever fights him faces a higher risk of going out of the cage as a beaten loser. Imanari’s submission can really hurt a fighter’s professional reputation.

Here is a compilation of his best 5 submissions.



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