The American grappling league scene has now grown to have reached fans on other parts of the world. Fans search for videos on past tournaments and are frustrated to find only a few. So a few fans with the resources have curated videos of past tournaments and upload them for all the grappling fans out there whose interest are roused.

The league is not a newcomer to the grappling competition scene. Previous tournaments were only statewide and were only participated in by mostly amateur players. As the league events and competitors grow in size and caliber, grappling fans all over the world started to hear about them and to show interest.

Similar to MMA the American Grappling League has to relax rules of mix matching competitors. You can be any size or any gender to fight, even going as far as cross-matching large with small players or female and male players.

The video shown here is a boy versus girl grappling championship tournament.


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