Punches in the face can hurt a lot, how much more getting kicked in there. Add a bit of humiliation when you slip in a dirt-filled lot cheered or booed by a bunch of people while dodging punches and kicks and trying to make your punches and kicks land and make contact.

This is the scene invented by the crew over at Arrows Street Fight, which many Arrows fans think is slowly taking MMA to another level.

The usual arena for an MMA combat competition is illuminated by bright lights, with ads flashing all over the place, and the fighters being featured on covers of video games. Not including the building up of the hype before the actual event.

This is different altogether, what they do is to assemble a crew, a crowd of people (the more the better) to watch, then take coverage of the competition footage with drones and cameras of a fight between the most hardcore fighters. It’s been 5 years since the Arrows’ crew started it.

Here is a video compilation of past event to celebrates their achievement with the best of the best of its matches.

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