MMA Moments When Fighters had to Resort to Creativity

MMA is the acronym for Mixed Martial Arts, a full body contact combat sports that is a fusion of different martial arts and combat sports disciplines like; Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing and Wrestling.

When first marketed for public consumption MMA was advertised as a no holds barred no rules combat competition. However, when public criticisms of the brutality of the starting matches increased, as the number of competitions makes headway, MMA head honchos decided that rules were needed. The objectives of the rules are to protect the fighters’ health, to erase the perception of “brutality as alluded to the sport’s lawlessness and barbarism”, and to transition into an official sport.

As mentioned this is a fusion of multiple¬†disciplines, fighters or combatants can improvise as long as they don’t go beyond what is allowed by the rules. Here is a compilation of competitions where fighters used their signature and creative techniques.

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