The purpose of grappling is to overpower or subdue an opponent through a close quarter’s hand-to-hand combat. The physical advantages granted by grappling are dominating or incapacitating an opponent by locking the opponent into a  disadvantaged position by employing joint locks and holds.

Within the heirarchy of the world’s martial arts, the following disciplines are considered grappling; wrestling, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Sambo.

Many MMA competitions in the past were won by champions by grappling their opponents into submission. MMA, considers grappling as one of the most important fundamentals of the competition. In MMA history, most of the fighters who become successful all have basic training and competence on grappling. 

There are a few though who demonstrated exceptional skills with grappling during competitions.  When asked about their exceptional skills, They say that they were able to assimilate enough skills and expertise of the grappling technique from the different disciplines of the respective grappling sports. Mastering the art of grappling was their business ticket to the MMA.

5 of the greatest grappling superstars in martial arts history

1) Garry Tonon

2) Mackenzie Dern

3) Royce Gracie

4) Ronda Rousey

5) Ben Askren

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